Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Leaving @UKLabour? Don't quit now!

If you're thinking of leaving the Labour Party now - you're about 20 years too late. This is where we take it back.

IMO winning the next election IS less important than staying on the road. We've done the whole ditching of principles for power thing and it didn't work out.

Though I have to say that if the parachuted-in entryist MPs were replaced with the democratic choice of the CLPs - even if they turn out to be the same candidate, there's no problem with that - and if the Tory election fraud scandal is brought front and centre and the police aren't allowed to just quietly bury it all - then I genuinely believe we could be looking at another landslide victory.

I don't really understand why blue labour and the nec hate the fact that we are now the biggest political party in Europe, and heading towards being the biggest political movement in the world.
It's as if their elitist little club is threatened by having to do what they are actually there TO do - oppose the Tories, stop the rot, get elected and all the while improve the lives of working people and, dare I say it? Everybody.

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