Sunday, 8 January 2017

Your government hates you and wants you to die.

I'm starting to believe that somewhere in the late 2000's the Tory think tanks decided that the population of the uk needed to be cut by around 5-20% if there were to be any chance of enslaving the rest of us for their personal profit and pocketing every last red cent, and for the last 6 years we've been seeing the start of the cull.

Look at the Red North posts, the state of the NHS, the suicides, the tens of thousands of deaths attributable to "austerity" of the old, the homeless… look at all the available evidence and tell me I'm wrong. 


Since this written it has come to light that NHS cuts and austerity are being blamed for 120,000 needless deaths.




This is reported on social media everywhere at the moment and also in the MSM like the HateMail (to whom I will not link).

When I wrote this originally people were dying needlessly at the rate of about 8o a month.

Based on this - the premature deaths of over 9,500 welfare claimants and 27,000 "extra" deaths among the elderly - I estimated that by the end of winter 2017 or *at best* 2018 the Tories would have killed more UK citizens that the Nazis did in the whole of WW2 - a mere 67,200.

Today's report makes that look WILDLY optimistic. They have already surpassed the death toll of the blitz and the bombings of Coventry and elsewhere by nearly double.

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