Sunday, 26 February 2017

Alan Davis on The Last Leg

It beggars belief that some half-pissed millionaire "metropolitan elite" privileged Tory boy can come on a show like The Last Leg - which used to have some integrity, and incidentally used to be pretty funny - and tell the 650,000-strong Labour membership (the ones that democratically elected, and then RE- elected Jeremy Corbyn, anyway), and the wider population who for the first time in a decade or more no longer feel disenfranchised by the political landscape of millionaire and billionaires like Osborne, Mandelson and Blair, that they have no right to a voice, no right to political representation, no right to choose their representative, and all because that one person has issues with who they perceive Jeremy Corbyn to be (as if the leadership of The Labour Party has, or should have, anything to do with personality in the first place: it's the policy, stupid).

So thank you, Alan Davis, for putting us all straight there. We'll just go back to marching in our millions against an unjustified war for oil that you probably think was a jolly good wheeze (since you hate Corbyn so much and he's almost the only surviving politician who spoke against it) and have our rights and benefits stripped from us and continue to pay our taxes with no representation.

Cheers. Don't expect me to allow your face on my telly again any time soon though.

And as for The Last Leg - I expect they'll have Katie Hopkins and Kelvin McKenzie on next, so we can be told we've no right to keep going on about Hillsborough or seek justice over Orgreave. 

I know they justify this stuff with "hey, we're a comedy show, it's all just a big laugh" but really - this is a show which started its life during the Paralympics, FOR the Paralympics, as it were - hosted by people with disabilities - which has gone on to give disabled people a voice, visibility, credibility and so on, and used to stand for something, unless I'm very much mistaken.

For that show to use cheap personal abuse to continue the utterly unjustifiable hounding of Jeremy Corbyn from office when they know full well that in the last 7 years

  • Thousands of people have died from benefit sanctions; 
  • All disabled people specifically have had £30 a week cut from their already meagre incomes; 
  • Some people now have to have baths naked in a paddling pool in the front room because their houses have been taken away; 
  • People have been made homeless or driven to ruin over the hated "bedroom tax"
  • Thousands of disabled people have lost their jobs, and effectively their whole lives, having had their mobility vehicles stripped from them;
  • Thousands more stand to lose their homes altogether now that landlords have a free reign to charge anything they like for homes that do not even have to be fit for human habitation but housing benefit is severely capped. 
  • The disabled of this country are being shoved off a cliff edge by the same millionaires that are, and vote for, the Tory party. Millionaires like Alan Davis.

Have some fucking integrity with your "comedy", mate. Jeez.

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