Friday, 16 June 2017

Journalists and Pundits and #GrenfellTower

Peston: "One reason why the Grenfell tragedy has shaken so many of us is because it exposes so much of what's wrong with the way this place has been run for years.....  It shames us all." (Peston's Post here)

Sorry, Robert, I like you better than most of them but it didn't need this to expose what's wrong with the way the country has been run for so many years. 

This was NOT necessary. It was NOT needed. Not by us, not by anyone with eyes in their head. 

The fact that it took this horrible, awful, dreadful event to shake you lot out of your self satisfied little huddle is not just shaming, it's a national disgrace. You lot are there to do the research, find the facts and speak truth to power, and instead you lap up the power and speak truth to no-one. Ashamed? You should take a year off and have a long hard look at yourselves - in private. 

Tens of thousands - hundreds of thousands of us - have been banging on about this for YEARS. 

All you journalists and commentators and pundits in your cozy little bubble - media complicit with politicians churning out the government approved version of reality, cheerfully and smugly legitimising and enabling it all. You are every bit as responsible as the politicians for this disaster. 

The supreme irony is that you dismissed us out of hand as being "in a bubble shouting into a social media echo chamber" when it was you lot all along. When our "bubble" turns out to have encompassed hundreds of thousands on behalf of - as the election has shown - millions, it's not called a bubble, it's called "the country". You few thousand in the Westminster/media compact were the ones in a bubble, and it has well and truly burst. 

And now you've got the brass balls to attempt to reclaim the narrative and mainsplain it all back to us. Bollocks, mate. Bollocks. 

We don't need your opinion, your analysis, your contrived "disaster voice" for the camera or your crocodile tears for a human tragedy that you and your chums are responsible for.

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