Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Democracy's Last Stand

If Corbyn doesn't get re-elected as Labour leader that will effectively mark the end of representative democracy in this country.
It will still *look* like representative democracy but the fact is that John McDonnell was right - this isn't about opposition to Jeremy Corbyn, this is about the 1% telling the rest of us to know our place.
If they manage, through their campaign of lies, spin, misinformation, gerrymandering and disenfrachisement, to block Corbyn this time then after this we will only ever be able to vote for who we are allowed to vote for, not who we want to vote for.
The choices will be between this or that neoliberal, this or that Blairite, this or that political "royalty" elitist multimilionaire. The Kinnocks, the Bennites (oh how THAT term has changed meaning), the Eagles and the Smiths of Westminster will allow to vote for them, or one of their gang, or we can vote for more of the same in the Tory party or UKIP.
But vote for who WE want to vote for - nope.


  1. It don't end there, since 2010 the individualist Union Members with the Socialist Party and other Socialist formed the TUSC party. If Labour party get taking over by the Right Wing we have the TUSC party to fall back on and to promote them to every single worker in the country.

  2. Tar! and thanks... I was thinking that a center-left labor gov would be better for us all... but you have made it clear; there only two choices [1] a cypto-Trotsky gov and abandonment of foreign relational obligation or! [2] tory scum.