Monday, 4 July 2016

@RichardBurgon Nails @DavisHD trying to dishonestly frame the debate

In this wonderful little clip Davis tries FOUR TIMES to frame the nature of reality around Corbyn as the opposite of reality. To try to claim as he does that Corbyn's hundreds of thousands of supporters are the ones who are out of step with just 172 MPs would be laughable if he, and the rest of the BBC, didn't get away with this day after day.

But Richard Burgon MP to the rescue! Just listen to the way he patiently but assertively corrects Evan Davis at every turn.

First of all Davis tries to validate an undemocratic coup attempt by bringing up Corbyn's own history of opposing the leadership. Burgon's answer to this: "There's a difference between principled opposition on .... policy to an outright attempt to capsize the whole ship".

In his next attempt Davis tries to characterise the Labour leadership as some sort of dictatorship. Burgon's response: "The truth is Jeremy Corbyn was elected with an overwhelming majority, the biggest mandate of any political leader in British history".

Following this Davis tries to describe Corbyn as "a radical", hoping some kind of negative scary description will finally stick. No chance. Burgon's answer "There's nothing radical about proposing a £10 per hour minimum wage ... nothing radical about proposing a massive program of building council houses, and I don't think there's anything radical ... in thinking Britain made a huge mistake in getting involved in the Iraq war."

Finally Davis tries one last, desperate, undignified dig: "You're implying that he can limp on", he says. Burgon, maintaining his equilibrium perfectly: "I'm not implying anything about 'limping'".

Meanwhile in other news, te Met Police report that "10,000 people gather in Parliament square to support Corbyn". This, in the hands of BBC's Laura Kuenssberg , becomes "Jeremy Corbyn's support begins to show signs of fraying".

I would normally say something like "you couldn't make it up" - but it's pretty clear that's exactly what they do.

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