Thursday, 30 June 2016

Heseltine Rants - Real Enemy Is Still Cameron

Heseltinr must be utterly furious with David Cameron - nearly everything he's accusing Johnson of is squarely Cameron's fault, but he has to find a scapegoat. As furious as he is with the towering stupidity of the prime minister, he's desperate to deflect a backlash against the true culprit because by rights this awful mess should have brought down central government. Johnson's an unprincipled bastard but Cameron started this whole shitfest to outmanoeuvre UKIP, mollify his back benches and maintain his mendacious grasp on power.

By rights we should be marching on Westminster and putting Cameron's metaphorical head on a pike on Westminster Bridge along with Osborne, Johnson, Gove, Hunt and all the rest of them, bringing the government down lock, stock and barrel, and Heseltine knows it. That's why he's come on TV to speak to the great unwashed.

The tragedy is that there's no opposition to do this for us because Labour's PLP are so blind to everyone and everything but themselves that they are engaged in their own internal power grab like dogs fighting in a cage. If they looked out through the bars they'd see a once in a century opportunity to take power and do some good in the world for a change.

I guess the PLP are so stupid we wouldn't want them there anyway. They'd only vote for another war and overclaim their expenses. It's time ALL these stuffed shirt career politicians went the way of the dodo.

Power to the people!

Heseltine's ingenuous rant is here.

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