Monday, 20 June 2016

Parliament recalled: Cameron, Farage in denial.

Until the Prime Minister and the baying mob he is pleased to call his MPs, and indeed some PLP MPs who appear to side with "our" far right government, and others connected to the Westminster hate-fest that the EU debate has amplified, recognise that the name-calling and spreading of fear and hate starts with them - they who set the tone for the debate and have willingly dragged UK politics into the gutter - then all the recalling of the house, fine words and what will inevitably appear to be the crocodile tears of those MPs and their cronies and enablers in the Media will only be seen as hypocritical nonsense.
There are many examples to quote just from Cameron alone; "terrorist sympathiser", "horde of migrants", "bunch of migrants in Calais" for starters, and that's without Farage's holocaust tribute poster or the racist, abusive, divisive and downright horrible contributions of so many others.
While Cameron and the rest are in denial about their role in all this and their responsibilities in this regard things will only get worse.

It is now abundantly clear that Jeremy Corbyn's steadfast refusal to share a platform with Cameron and his cronies was absolutely the right thing to do. Yet again Corbyn's judgement has been utterly vindicated and his campaign stands alone as the only campaign with a shred of dignity, integrity and morality.

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