Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Demand That Your MP Represents Your Views

To anyone thinking of writing to their Labour MP in protest at their attack on the leadership, a friend asked what he might say and I came up with this, hope it helps, please nick bits if you, too, have an MP like Chuka Umunna who is *not* representing you.
You could try pointing out that speaking for yourself and the few hundred people whose political views you know about, fighting their own leadership instead of making a common enemy of the real threat to everyone in this country - the Tories - is rapidly eroding their support and making Corbyn's even stronger as your friends continue to join the Labour Party in the expectation that they will have to defend Corbyn's leadership against further attack.
You might remind them that the PLP are the elected representatives of both the general population and those self-same The Labour Party members, not the other way around - that if the EURef result was about anything, it was about people being determined to have their own voice and not one handed down to them by a patronising political elite, and that the Labour party is not its MPs, it is its membership.
If he or she wants to continue the hemorrhage of support started by Tony Blair's illegal war and continued by their support for David Cameron's then they might want to start considering the views of the people that actually vote for them for once.
Or something.

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