Friday, 24 June 2016

There May Be Light

Well, I can't say I'm not disappointed with the #EURef result, as doddery old reactionaries all over the UK and the far-right fascist parties here and across Europe cheer the loudest and everyone else shakes their heads in disbelief.

Cameron's vanity project - the only promise he has kept since he began campaigning in 2010 - has destroyed his career and probably broken up the UK as well as the EU. Quite a result for the millionaire PR man from Carlton TV, whose only other success seems to have been burying Carlton's investigative reporting into VIP paedophilia.

But there *may* be a small positive to take from this. Greece elected a radical left wing government opposed to the harsh austerity measures imposed by the IMF/World Bank/EU that was having an even worse effect there than they have had so far here, and the EU crushed them mercilessly.

We can still elect a proper non-austerity government that will rebalance our economy in favour of everyone, not just the IMF/World Bank/Usual Billionaires, and the EU can't stop us.

The danger,of course, is we may not have an economy to rebalance, as we are now back in the unfettered hands of the most incompetent financial mis-managers known to man - the Tory party, that brought us Black Wednesday, 15% interest rates, and latterly a massively increased 1.7tn of debt and a 100bn deficit despite punishing the poor, pushing the disabled and infirm into destitution, the introduction of slavery through "workfare" and enriching the already obscenely wealthy through tax breaks and avoidance, and now, this; what may turn out to be the worst shrinking of our economy ever known to anyone alive.

But I'm trying to be positive, so fingers crossed, eh? Hope for the best....

All in all a bit of a mixed bag, you might say.

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