Monday, 27 June 2016

Corbyn - delivered more #Remain votes than anyone

@JeremyCorbynMP was PERCEIVED to be a failure in the referendum debate for three important reasons.

  1. He refused to share a platform with Cameron who he fundamentally disagrees with on literally everything, and therefore got little media coverage by association.
  2. The media didn't report a single one of the dozens of speeches he made, nor interview any of the tens of thousands of people he connected with and won over.
  3. His would-be political assassins have furthered the lie on #Marr and elsewhere in order to further their own tawdry careers at the expense of Great Britain. this cynical attempt at a coup was planned long ago to coincide with the #EuRef and would be taking place whatever the outcome.

It is true that he does not court the media; he is well aware that everything he says will be weaponised and turned against him; I don't need to provide examples of this, they are everywhere.

Lest we forget, it was Hilary Benn and Alan Johnson who actually LED the "Labour In" campaign, and we heard little or nothing of any import from either of them in all the long months. It is THEIR campaign that has failed and to #BlameCorbyn is laughable. It merely points up how desperate the same old political elite are to retain control. 

The very elite that everyone seems to be saying the vote was in reality registering a protest against. 
Benn and Johnson asked Corbyn to do 2 things during the campaign: deliver the votes of 

  1. Labour supporters. Around 2/3 voted to remain as a result. 
  2. Young voters. Around 3/4 voted to remain. 
Corbyn delivered in spades. Benn and Johnson clearly did not. 

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