Wednesday, 1 June 2016

#EURef - monopolising the narrative.

All we're being allowed to base our decision in the EU referendum is a choice between two Tory governments. 

Do we want the current one, that has all but destroyed everything left to us by the Thatcher/Blair neoliberal onslaught? 
The government that has stolen everything we as a nation owned from under our noses while telling us it was for our own good? 
Stole our disabled people's mobility vehicles and with it their jobs, Esa allowances, and hopes for a future, to name but one inhuman injustice, while banking the cash in their own offshore accounts as national debt and deficit rise to unprecedented, irrecoverable levels? 
The government that bought their election through fraud on an industrial scale?

Or do we want an alternative government, whose lies make even the current bunch look almost plausible? 
Gove, who is telling us that he, the man that voted to increase VAT the week after he was elected on a manifesto that explicitly promised not to do so and voted three times since against any possibility of a cut, would cut VAT if only we voted the uk out of Europe and him, presumably, into a position of even greater power. 
Johnson, the self aggrandising career politician who has wrecked London's housing infrastructure and is responsible for at least 4 deaths so far as a result of cutting fire stations to finance his awful vanity bridge? 
An alternative government that includes the Doctor Death of the DWP Ian Duncan Smith himself, who wants to sweep away our human rights, employment rights, and every other kind of protection from rampant neoliberal capitalism, who says that "another two years of austerity is a small price to pay" - it for sure isn't him that will be paying any price - creating a government so right wing that it will disenfranchise UKIP. 

That is the choice being presented to us by our so-called free press. A press so biased that on the day that a judge threw out the Tories attempt to block a time extension to allow their electoral fraud to be investigated on the grounds of the "unprecedented scale" of the allegations, the big stories of the day at the BBC majored on Corbyn-bashing, the Telegraph ran with migrant-bashing, the Mail with Isis and Brexit FUD, and so on. 

Because apparently nobody else has an opinion. Not the LibDems. Not Deim. Not Labour, and CERTAINLY not Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell or any of the hugely respected economists and academics weighing in with rational, reasoned argument. Literally nobody apart from the two sides of the most fraudulent, damaged, split party in the whole history of British democracy has either a single word to say, a single argument worth hearing or any validity whatsoever. 

Well you know what they say about free stuff, like our free press. It ain't worth shit. 

So the biggest decision we'll ever make, that will affect this country's future, and that of our children and all future generations, is to be based on this thanks to the five or so non-domiciled extreme right wing billionaires that run our media and our parliament. 

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