Friday, 17 June 2016

Jo Cox. Hope not hate. Make love not war.

Jo Cox's murder is sad beyond words. I have a spouse, and young kids who are having to grow up in a world where these things still happen, and happen here. I can't begin to imagine how bad the grief is for them. As JK Rowling put it: don't pity the dead; pity the living.

They say she was one of the good ones. One of those fighting for the refugees, the poor, the sick, the disabled, and the struggling. So it's a double tragedy that we have lost someone like that. There seem to be so few MPs like her. I hope that one day some good will come of it, as it always does from such atrocious acts. One day I hope those other MPs - the ones working to sow division, and hatred, and judgemental finger pointing among us to help them get what they want - will realise what it is like for the rest of out here in the real world, and work to give us hope, not hate. Start to promote peace and love, not war and division and profit at the cost of human lives. One day I hope, as they sit their vigils and tell us all about their "thoughts and prayers", that they will spare a thought and maybe a prayer for the 15 teenagers stabbed to death in the UK last year and the 126+ women murdered by their partners; and further afield the deaths of so many in the wars that we wage or waged in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Libya and all the rest. They say that politicians live in their Westminster bubble, insulated by their high salaries, obscene expenses allowances and gargantuan pensions, from the struggles that so many people face - literally millions more than just 6 years ago - trying to cope with illness, stress, mental illness, hunger, homelessness, insecure employment, disability - persecution by the very institutions that are supposed to have been trying to help them. Well yesterday the bubble was burst and if any good is to come of this, it has to stay that way.

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