Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Fuck em all. May contain swearing.

I really am getting closer and closer to just telling everyone to fuck off.
The EU can fuck off for what they did to Greece, what they are doing to the rest of us, and they can take the world fucking bank and the IM fucking F with them.
The BBC can fuck right off and take their fraudulently misused licence fee with them.
Brexit can fuck off with their pathetic lies about investing in the NHS and cutting vat because that is the last thing any of them would ever do.
Cameron can fuck off and take Sadiq Khan with him because they are a pair of the most unprincipled lying two faced shitmongers ever to walk the earth.
Labour can fuck off because half of them are neoliberal self serving Tory bastards wrapped in a red flag spreading lies about everyone, debasing the concept of anti-semitism for their own profit and destroying lives and any chance of us having a labour government, and the other half of the Labour Party wring their hands and rearrange the deckchairs and do fuck all about it.
The media and especially the BBC can fuck right off for lying to us every day by covering up the real stories; about "austerity" which is just the rich stealing everything they can lay their filthy hands on and grinding the faces of the poor, the disabled, the children they are literally screwing and every other wage slave - literally slave - into the shit and laughing in our faces at us; about the biggest political scandal in the 600 year history of parliament which is hardly reported at all especially by, again, the publicly fucking  funded BBC; about the deaths, the suicides, the leap in child poverty, paupers' burials, destitution, in-work poverty, lifetime debt, housing crisis and all the rest that we never hear about.
IDS and Osborne can fuck off for being the chief architects of all that, for lying to us about why they're doing it and laughing in our faces while they do it because most of us appear to believe them.
HMRC can fuck off for persecuting ordinary working people while letting literally hundreds of billions of pounds slip through their incompetent greasy fingers owed by corporations, executives, offshore investment holders, politicians and rich scroungers everywhere.
Meanwhile Murdoch, Cameron, Hilary Benn, the Mail, the Torygraph, the guardian the BBC, itv, and most of our politicians, insurance and pension companies manufacture wars in which tens of thousands of ordinary people die or are horribly maimed and scarred for life by the senseless horrors inflicted on them daily so that vast profits can be made, resources stolen and all opposition exterminated, so they can really fucking well fuck off.
Israel exterminating the Palestinians can fuck off.
Saudi and Iran exterminating the legit opposition to Assad in Syria can fuck off as can Russia, Turkey and the fucking Americans.
Fuck 'em. Fuck all of 'em to fuck, the fuckers.

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