Sunday, 29 May 2016

They're all fractured. What a mess.

The Tory party is now so horribly split that two of their heavyweight Brexiters - Bridgen and Dorries - are openly calling for a change of leadership and a general election by Christmas. The Toried are doomed. If not by this crazy EU referendum, which let's face it. Was only ever intended to pacify the back benches and keep UKIP at bay; if not by the same poisonous infighting that destroyed Major's government; then by the largely unreported (at least by the BBC and ITV) but nevertheless utterly unprecedented industrial-scale allegations of electoral fraud currently being investigated in (currently) 28 constituencies.

Interestingly, since Cameron's much trumpeted "mandate" can be said to depend on an allegedly fraudulent election result that the Tories thought they could buy with impunity, the whole EU referendum - not to mention the vast list of revolting things they've done to our country like the junior doctors' contract, all the changes to ESA, working tax credits, the whole and total destruction of our country and everything in it - could be called invalid, and reversed.

Unfortunately Labour are in almost equal disarray. Around half a million of us have come back to Labour thanks to the democratic election of Jeremy Corbyn and the return to sensible socialist policies. But crazed multi-millionaire Murdoch-loving property hoarder and widely-regarded-as-war-criminal Blair and all those who sailed in him are intent on ripping any chance we have of getting our country back out of their hands in the last gasp of a neoliberal shitstorm that's already cost us nearly everything we have.

The LibDems meanwhile are down to six MPs and the only thing stopping them being outnumbered by the lunatic even-farther-right-than-the-Tories UKIP is the most undemocratic electoral system ever invented.

Jeez what a mess. What's the answer? Corbyn for Emporer? Proper proportional representation? Jail the bankers, VIP paedophiles, expenses scroungers  and tax dodgers and assemble a parliament from the hundred or so (and I feel like I'm being generous here) MPs that are left? What??

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