Saturday, 28 May 2016

Osborne - chief accountant to Cameron the Robber Baron

So The Guardian says that the "austerity" policies of the Robber Baron Tory party do more harm than good. I'm surprised they noticed, given their record since 2010, but well done, anyway.

Finally they've noticed that everyone with half a brain has been saying "this won't work". That while the debt has soared up to £1.7 trillion, the deficit to £100bn and there's no money for anything, food bank use is over 1 million visits a year, pauper's burials, child poverty, in-work poverty and destitution are all massively increased.

Finally they've noticed that while all this was happening the richest 1,000 people in the country's wealth hoard has gone up from around £260,000,000,000 to around £570,000,000,000, and that's just the money we know about that isn't squirreled away in an offshore account in Panama.

The Guardian's experts have now realised that austerity is a political choice, not an economic necessity. In fact if there is one economic necessity that we should all heed it's that austerity is destroying the economy, destroying the country and only benefits a very, very few at the expense of very, very many.

The trouble is, though, that he doesn't care. His policies have absolutely nothing to do with what is good for the country, and absolutely everything to do with what is good for the banks, hedge funds, Tory party MPs and their billionaire backers with offshore investment accounts, arms manufacturers and those that invest in and profit from war, illness, insurance and bent privatisation deals.

So the experts can say what they like and the evidence can pile up to the height of Everest because he literally couldn't care less. 

He's Cameron the robber baron's chief accountant and he isn't "stupid", he isn't "a wanker" and he isn't "wrong". He knows EXACTLY what he's doing.

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