Thursday, 26 May 2016

Democracy? Moi?

We don't, really, have much of a democracy, do we? Over 70% of the country is unrepresented in Westminster. 12.6% share of vote for ukip, for example, who I don't support by the way, and they have one mp o/o 650. Tories 36.9% (only 3 times the votes) but have a 12 seat majority. This is not really democracy, it is the appearance of one if you squint with one eye firmly shut. Deim and others are starting to address this in Europe and not before time.
Far from "the left wing" being "increasingly rejected", it is the authoritarian right wing, becoming increasingly desperate in their attempts to discredit the ever more resonant and supported opposition to the neoliberal narrative, whom the public have rumbled. Every big gun has been brought to bear in the last year: the combined might of the BBC news and politics departments, the Murdoch, Barclay Bros and Rothermere press machine, half of the guardian and some of the independent who were the first to go broke peddling the establishment line and have now seen the error of that and have started to print something approaching balance (and thank heavens for Jon snow and Michael crick at C4); but still people aren't fooled. Despite all of this the public are still overwhelmingly supportive of the doctors and the NHS, and implacably opposed to the privatisation of all schools and the notion that Google et al paying 3% tax when the rest of us pay 25%-odd is fair.
Any edition of question time will show you the deep unpopularity of the ruling class and their horrible attitudes and assault on ordinary people that has produced an endless succession of Teary Tories and lords, generals and former establishment figures rushing to distance themselves from the racist Islamophobia of the modern right wing, and the longest and loudest applause from every audience every week is always against the latest government moron to try sitting there trotting out their tired old neoliberal cliches and discredited lies dressed up as research. Every week.
It is Osborne that has no economic credibility with the public, with academia, and with any economist they are not paying off.
The so-called austerity with which the "debt is being paid down" is so obviously nothing of the sort that only the most simple minded buffoon could now regard it as such. In the 6 years since this lie started the debt has more than doubled to 1.7 trillion, the deficit is now £100 billion a year, they have borrowed more money than every other uk government combined and he has missed every single target he has ever set himself bar none in what has to be the most outstanding display of incompetence in the history of the world.
Astonishingly while there is apparently no money for working tax credits, supporting the disabled, protecting women from domestic violence, making the law accessible to all but the rich, developing sustainable energy, funding the NHS, schools, universities, supporting industry or keeping 400,000 children out of poverty, 1,000,000+ people from needing to use food banks and suffering from in-work poverty (thus used to be called slavery but we dress it up nice now) or doing something about the return of rickets, destitution and a 30% rise in pauper's burials, the richest 1,000 have seen their personal wealth increase from 247billion to over 570 billion in those same six years. Fancy that.
Tbh it doesn't take a left winger to either think that this is sick beyond belief or to realise that far from simply not caring about the 5th richest nation on earth sinking into poverty it is wealth hoarding that is actually causing it.
The neoliberal ideal and the wealth hoarding are increasingly being recognised as a cancer and when Ian Duncan Smith can appear to be left wing compared to a government that calls itself centre moderate then you know that the world really has gone mad.
1984 was supposed to be a warning not a fucking blueprint.
Anyway, we can't really be said to be living in a democracy when the election was won by fraudulent means. 24 constituencies under reported their expenditure, 14 I think it is are being investigated by the police so far, as is Cameron himself… until their names are whitewashed, sorry, cleared, the issue of whether we are currently represented by the will of the people is moot.

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