Saturday, 28 May 2016

Portillo: legalising slavery and murder-for-profit are "nothing at all".

Portillo was on one of the Tories' apologist shows the other day - Daily Politics - claiming that the government "had no ideas" and there was "literally nothing in the Queens Speech".

This has been shared all over social media and is the most brilliant whitewash I've ever witnessed. So many people bought it. "Oh there's nothing there, let's look the other way". ""Ha ha - the Tories are idiots". "Well that's nothing, let's talk about the weather".

But the fact is that the Queens Speech was a masterclass in hiding the most outrageous plans - the reintroduction of slavery through the adoption of the US model of privatised prisons (this really is no exaggeration), the final destruction of the NHS through the introduction of "home hospitalisation" and US style HMO's and the Kaiser Permanente "healthcare" of legalised murder by omission of treatment for profit - oh there was plenty in that speech, Portillo.

Nice try, but some of us are just not as stupid as you seem to think we are.

Watch him here doing his very best to convince us there was nothing of note in the Queen's Speech this year.

Watch the video on Nye Bevan News

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