Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Guardian - trying to look balanced while only standing on their right leg.

Several things emerge from this slightly hysterical article in the Grauniad today.

One is that the paper is still right wing enough to think that the current labour leadership are "far left", which only looks true from where they stand, not from the viewpoint of our beleaguered population.

Another is that this aligns well with the remaining right wing of the PLP who see "their" party as being taken over by Class War. If they haven't noticed that the Tories are already waging the most abhorrent class war on 99% of the country they are blinkered indeed. The Tories in my opinion pose the greatest threat to this country since 1939, and it's way past time we fought back.

To that end its good to see a strengthened leadership preparing itself for a more outward facing fight than it has had to cope with up until now.

There are still fifth-columnists within the PLP fighting dirty to bring the leadership down, for instance by trying to tarnish John McDonnell with the Tory party's deliberate electoral fraud brush:
"One party source briefed the Times that [economics adviser] Meadway was paid by the Transport Salaried Staffs Association union while working for the shadow chancellor but this was not declared as a donation to McDonnell."
Those seeking to destroy the party from within by damaging their own must either join a party more closely aligned with their ambitions or begin to work in the interests of those they are supposed to be serving - the poor, the weak, the disadvantaged, the politically criminalised, the helpless and innocent victims of Tory misrule and neoliberal policy.

But it's good to see a genuinely thoughtful, intelligent and centrist left wing leadership gearing itself up. They need to address the 5 billionaires' media machine rather better than this, though!


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