Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Ken Loach on austerity - and a stinging rebuke for Sarah Montague and r4today.

Radio 4 excerpt Today Programme 23rd May 2016

Ken Loach - national treasure - delivers an epic smackdown to Sarah Montague and the Today Programme. Listen using the above link - while it lasts.

Sarah Montague:
"Of course, there is huge public support for what the government has done. The polls suggest that there is very strong popular support not least for the benefit cap."

Ken Loach:
"Maybe because people listen to the Today programme too much. If you had to get out amongst the people who are in the food banks who are supporting those who are there - people who would not eat unless there were people providing charity - who have to choose between their heating and their food - I think you'd find that there's a great disgust and despair that we live like that in this country now."

50 years after Cathy Come Home and he is still having to make films like this.

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