Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Channel 4 does the nation proud.

This is the first time that David Cameron has been questioned by Channel 4 News over alleged Tory election fraud.

After five months of investigation, Jon Snow was finally able to ask the PM about the claims centring around hundreds of thousands of pounds of apparently undeclared or misdeclared election expenditure by the Conservative Party.

Channel 4 Facebook post and video

That's a cracking go from Jon Snow. Literally the only one to take this on properly, when all the others - Marr, Neil, Kuenssberg, Peston, Humphrys, Robinson, Naughtie, and pundits like Portillo and Johnson - have merely facilitated brushing it off lightly.

And this is hugely important for everyone. If the Tories bought the election in 32 constituencies and are an illegitimate government then so is everything they've done - including this awful referendum.

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