Friday, 17 June 2016

Jo Cox - No. We *should* blame the Tories.

So we're living in a country where the great and the good are murdered and those that create the conditions where this can happen parade their "thoughts and prayers" before us like it was nothing to do with them.

Well I'm sorry, but it has everything to do with them.

The Tories are responsible. The Tory government, and the far right government in waiting, are responsible for setting the tone. They enable it all with their constant labelling of the peacemakers as "terrorist sympathisers" and "security risks", their labelling of the sick and dying as "scroungers", their demonising of the very refugees they have created with their guns and bombs as a "swarm", a "horde", a "tide" of lawless benefit tourists wrecking our NHS and grabbing our housing stock when the government itself is destroying those very things as fast and as efficiently as it possibly can. They print their lies in their tax-dodging friends' newspapers and media outlets, they peddle their drivel through once-respectable channels like Newsnight and the News at 10, they set us against each other and lap it up as they shovel the cash value of our country's assets into their offshore accounts.

And when they've got away with everything they can, make no mistake, they will be winched out by private chopper as the blood rises above their knees to some private  island in the sun.


  1. And if Cameron had the balls and brains to lead his God-dambed party, rather than pander to its lunatic fringe, we would not be having this divisive referendum, and Jo Cox would be alive today.

    1. I think the right wing hatred has been brewing for a long, long time, but the likes of Cameron and Farage have normalised the language of division and hate to the point where the action appears acceptable.