Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Don't Say You Weren't Warned.

When Britain is finally out of the EU; when Scotland and Ireland have left and we are just England and Wales; when there is no NHS free at the point of delivery and it costs £75 for a consult and an aspirin and even a semi serious illness will bankrupt you or force you to watch someone you love die slowly and horribly; when all the schools are profit-making training centres for zero hours contract jobs for corporations that take all their profits abroad; when the disabled are all tagged and ghettoised as too expensive to care about; when the elderly are demonised and deleted from existence by their miserable, degrading lack of care; when higher education costs £50,000 plus interest 10% above base; when a significant proportion of the population has been criminalised and forced to work a 10 hour day for nothing making the products that those same corporations sell; when the beaches are again so filthy that you can't ever go to the beach; when the water is so polluted by fracking that you are forced to buy over priced bottled water for everything; when your energy is so expensive that you are forced to choose between heating and eating; when every penny you earn is used to repay your debts and get yourself to work and back with nothing left over; when your friends and neighbours have been deported or excluded from society and still there are not enough resources, housing or healthcare; when the Middle East is a smoking radioactive crater populated only by robots that can drill for oil; when the only thing left in Eastern Europe are NATO's depleted uranium leftovers; when the only politicians you can have are the ones that you are allowed…

Don't say you weren't warned.

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